The MSS User Guide is intended to educate model railroaders about how
the Modular Signal System works, why it is designed as it is, and best
practices to follow when implementing the MSS in a module or layout.
This User Guide is a living set of documents that will continue to evolve
and improve as MSS users ask questions and provide feedback.
Modular Signal System
User Guide - Part 1
Part 1 is a must-read for every MSS user, explaining the inner workings of the
overall system and interactions of the three MSS Layers - Occupancy Bus,
Detection, and Signaling. Revealed here are the functions and operation of the
eight MSS Occupancy Bus wires, the purpose of the combined current and optical
detection scheme, and the requirements of signal logic circuitry.
Updated 12/19/15.
Modular Signal System
User Guide - Part 2
Part 2 is all about planning and designing an MSS system into your module or
layout. How to make a list of items needed, how to select MSS hardware, how
to prepare for installation of track, wiring, and signaling equipment, and so forth.
Updated 12/24/15.
Modular Signal System - MSS